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Sale  > unlimited duration (including 45 pictures, space videos, texts English / French, multi-targeted distribution).
Rental : 12 months duration (including 45 pictures, space videos, texts English / French, multi-targeted distribution).
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Package Maxi Visibility all included for 29.90
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A price, all inclusive !


Your complete and bilingual personal website (English/French) See pilot websites

A unique website address easy to remember and to use with all your media to communicate better.

Free ad on  immofuté.com website with 1 photo + link to your personal website - Your website and your ad in the“Spotlight” on home page.

Unlimited  publication, for the sales. For rentals, online during a year.

Up to 45 photos to describe your property ! All your pictures are classified : inside, outside, plans ....

Video place to complete your photo gallery (You do not have a video ? Look at our options)

A very easy data entry and updates. No wait no extra charge.

Geolocation of your property with Google Maps. Let's see here

Comprehensive SEO on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Voilà, Msn .... ) and important portals (Orange, Free, SFr...), Méta-search engines (Trovit, Yakaz) Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter).

A free helpline for you. You never are alone during your transaction.

Your space (statistics, visits management, automatic recall of contacts ...). All your datas are gathered !

Services and options
HELP TO PUT ONLINE : You're not familiar with internet, you have no time or for any other reason, we can assist you step by step for the realization and launch of your personal real estate website. We can offer different services. See our services table.
GOOGLE POLE POSITION : You want maximum visibility in the shortest time? Your real estate personal website 1st page of Google within 24 hours For more information see our More information
VIDEO SLIDESHOW - Made from your photos for optimal SEO on Google Videos, Youtube and Dailymotion. Highly recommended for better visibility. Let's see the videos and on Youtube. Price - Unlimited duration : 29,50 € vat on Youtube, Dailymotion, Google videos, your personnal website.

CUSTOMIZED REAL ESTATE SIGN ! To take advantage of potential buyers in your area, you can place this customizable real estate sign on your personal property with your phone, the address of your personal real estate website.More informations
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Subscribe to our News immo was created to be closer to the expectations of owners in real estate transactions including sale and rental between individuals. Instead of a simple ad and at the same price or even cheaper, a property owner can quickly and simply make its own website ads. This comprehensive showcase for his house or apartment, for sale or rent allow him to focus and guide the choice of buyers.
Once the personal realestate website online, there will remain until the end of the transaction for sales and for six months for rentals. The transactions decrease in France should focus the attention of owners on this urgent need for transparency and enhancement of their property. In addition, immofuté.com provides the owners with management tools very useful to monitor their transaction from start to finish. To discover on immofuté.com !
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Weboscope mesure d'audience, statistiques, ROI Classement des meilleurs sites et positionnement