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Sell or rent by the owner : The real estate solution by Immofute


To sell, rent, or buy a real estate, immofuté.com is your solution !

Something is missing on your website ?

Your personal website is not visible enough ?

You meet with difficulties, you don't have the time to create your website ?

In every situation, we have the best solution : discover our options.

In addition of the creation of your personal website, immofute propose numerous options.

These options will allow you to improve the attractiveness of your personal website (pictures, video), to make it more visible on internet (multi-diffusion, Google Adwords), or to be assisted during the creation and the management of you website.



Situated in a very visible box, a large photo will showcase your property and will get you noticed.

This picture is stressed by a title (type of property + city + price) of the property and a direct link to your personal website.

Do not wait any longer be on the spotlights !

ORDER the Top 20 favorites during 3 months for 10 €


We create you video based on your pictures which will be broadcasted on :

  • Youtube (Google vidéo),
  • Dailymotion,
  • France 3 vidéo,
  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Flikr,
  • Immofute Tv,
  • Votre site perso (page infos express + galerie photos).

This video represents a real value-added to your personal website. Don't forget that the broadcasting of you video highly improve your referencement by the search engines. See an example here.

ORDER  your video for 29,50 € 


One of the best advantages of you personal website is that it can be spread everywhere thanks to a link. But advertise on ads website, write posts on forums in order to diffuse the link to our website can be long and tedious. That's why we propose the multi-diffusion option which consists in spreading your website for you. We also have our little tips! 

ORDER  the multi-diffusion option for 99,50 €


Thanks to your personal website, and the key words that you have chosen to compose your address, you are automatically referenced by search engines. In order to improve the referencement of your website, and make it appear directly into the first results of a research corresponding to the key words you have chosen, we propose the Google pole position. You appear on first or second page, in the business links within 48h ! Clic here to see more

ORDER Google pole position option for 100,00 €



You look for buyers on internet, it's very good, but potential buyers could simply go past your house... So not to miss them choose the local visibility option. We build a quality billboard showing your contact details, and you personal website address.

Order your billboard for 44,00 €



You don't have internet at home, you don't have the time, you are not familiar with internet, we guide you step by step. Benefit of the assistance option and we create your personal website on the phone or by mail and you only have to spread it.

Order the assistance option for 10,00 €

OPTION 1 - TOP 20 FAVORITES - Your website on the home-page for 3 months

OPTION 2 - VIDEO - DIAPORAMA - on Youtube, Dailymotion, France 3 Video, Google video

OPTION 3 - MULTICAST- Your website on internet (sites, forums, social networks)

OPTION 4 - GOOGLE POLE POSITION - our website on the first or second page of Google

OPTION 5 - OUTSIDE BILLBOARD personalized - (800x600) - Akilux



10,00 €

29,50 €

99,50 €

100,00 €

44,00 €

10,00 €










Subscribe to our News immo was created to be closer to the expectations of owners in real estate transactions including sale and rental between individuals. Instead of a simple ad and at the same price or even cheaper, a property owner can quickly and simply make its own website ads. This comprehensive showcase for his house or apartment, for sale or rent allow him to focus and guide the choice of buyers.
Once the personal realestate website online, there will remain until the end of the transaction for sales and for six months for rentals. The transactions decrease in France should focus the attention of owners on this urgent need for transparency and enhancement of their property. In addition, immofuté.com provides the owners with management tools very useful to monitor their transaction from start to finish. To discover on immofuté.com !
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Weboscope mesure d'audience, statistiques, ROI Classement des meilleurs sites et positionnement

Weboscope mesure d'audience, statistiques, ROI Classement des meilleurs sites et positionnement